Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Discovery Channel’s Pitchmen Premier Party April 15, 2009

Looking back a little…MMD Events was honored to be chosen as the event design team for the premier of “Pitchmen” starring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan. The party, held at the new Westin Tampa Bay, was well attended by much of Tampa’s elite and a few of Hollywood’s as well. Guests walked the red carpet passing gorgeous Bentlys to hit the media lounge for “pitchtinis.” Highlights of the night included moving speeches by the leading men, the chain saw massacre of a gorgeous cake by Let Them Eat Cake, and of course the premier of the show. The highlight of my night was sitting in the media lounge with Rebecca Zoumberos of Limelight Photography, who graciously photographed the night, watching the celebrities walk the red carpet.*

*Sadly this story has a sad ending, Billy Mays died June 28, 2009; our condolences to his family and friends.

Wedding Decor Part 3 of 3: Dress your wedding like you dress yourself!

As we age, we start building a signature style. We begin to frame ourselves, how we want others to experience us. When we shop we ask ourselves – is this me? Does this fit my style? Smart shoppers know that a true bargain is something that we really wear – that truly becomes a part of our wardrobe. We all agree on these rules.

So why do we throw out all of these rules when we plan our wedding?

An engagement brings on the temptation to shop and to bargain hunt, then suddenly everything wedding and bridal goes into the cart. When it’s all said and done you reach your wedding day with a bag full of wedding trinkets that were cheap individually, but have added up to several hundred dollars collectively and none of it truly reflects your style.

Here’s a perfect example: A bride of mine shopped so much at JoAnn Fabrics that when she returned all the random stuff she had bought “on sale”, it was enough to cover her lighting design bill!

How do you dress your wedding as you dress yourself? Ask yourself these questions:

- Does this work for me?
- Does this reflect the wedding style I’m trying to achieve?
- Where will I put this?
- Is it exactly what I want?
- How does this purchase affect my price per table?
- Is it worth it?

Remember to design your wedding thoughtfully and with attention to detail – just as you would, yourself.